Our Systems are Unique

All of our systems are tested and have years of research devoted to them.

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Beware Cheap Knockoffs

When purchasing a system, the first thing to note is the reality of being able to contact someone after the sale.

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Our Systems Will Withstand Any Abuse

All of our systems are tested and put the test before they leave our factory.

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Why We Came in…

XENONWORX was created with a goal in mind. To create a great quality EAD system for everyone at an affordable price. We are a professional manufacturer dedicated to test and sell EAD kits for all cars worldwide. Our goal is to be the best provider in EAD kits and be the BRAND for this product, replacing old halogen lights with XENONWORX lighting technology. One of the great fears of EAD clients is that many people buy EAD systems and never hear from the sellers again. XENONWORX will always backup our products 100% for the duration of the warranty.

  • Whenever you write an email or call XENONWORX someone will always answer.
  • We will always honor our warranty as long as the systems are under warranty!

The EAD factory that works with XENONWORX is the 3rd largest manufacturer of EAD bulbs in the world. The first is PHILIPS, the second is OSRAM/Sylvania, and the third is XENONWORX. Our materials are genuine PHILIPS quartz imported from Holland and our gas is Messer gas imported from the United States. All of our materials are top notch! Read More…

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